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Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Open morning

It was open morning for Freya's class at the nursery school this morning. James was in Melbourne on business, and so I was forced to attend alone. I dropped Freya off at 9am as usual, and went to wait with the other parents in the staff room. It was pure pleasure to catch up with our delightful high-achieving peers. It is not easy keeping up to date with the children's friends and complex social lives as I am not at the school gate every day.

The super dinner ladies from the school provided us with light refreshments, and while the mothers chit chatted, the fathers stood around and fiddled with their various high tech DVD recording appliances. I kept ours in my bag, the last time I tried to use it I forgot to take the lens cover off!

After about ten minutes we were ushered into the class room, to observe all of the children occupied in the display of various tasks and projects. I walked purposefully to the far corner, where Freya was busy organising assorted objects on a colourful alphabet mat. Her objective was to put the appropriate object on each letter, and she was speeding through her allocated task. She was already putting a hat on 'H'.

'Oh, baby girl you are such a clever little darling', I gushed.

'Do go away mummy - I'm doing big girl hard work,' she replied with a twinkle in her eye.

She is just like her father. Freya really is my sweet little munchkin. A career in the legal profession beckons for her I am sure. She is articulate, a strong personality and a natural leader.

I tried to stay away and appear interested in the tasks being carried out by other people's children, I toured the tables, noticing the complex tasks occupying the precious offspring, - an ice experiment with perfect Mrs Tamworth:

'Does this piece of ice float or sink?,' she asked the mesmerised tiny people, and then went on to experiment with them in a large basin.

'Will this salt help ice to melt? Will this sand help ice to melt? Or will all of the ice melt at the same rate?', she continued.

Clearly that little group are destined for a career in scientific research, how very disappointing for their parents. Everyone knows it is impossible to make a living from the sciences. Once again smiling like a Cheshire cat as I found myself standing next to my darling baby girl...

'Do go away Mummy', she said, 'I have work to do'.

Scolded once more, I skulked away and went to look in the home corner; decorated as a shoe shop, where little Hugo was adding and taking away. He was just divine, and such a natural aptitude with numbers! Clearly a banker in the making, his parents were so proud...

Just as I was working my way back to Freya, we were corralled into the main hall, to observe a music and drama display. The children were happily executing their various well rehearsed parts. I found myself sobbing in floods of tears. Some of Freya's perfect little friends shall all be actors or dancers! Never mind, perhaps they shall marry well. What a shame, and still so young.

It was all so perfect. My daughter has apparently turned into a very well behaved girl in the last 10 days at school! No more petulance, she is now absorbed and occupied. They are all model pupils.

Today I was a very proud mummy.

I love being a parent. I should try to remember this place I am in right now, I don't find it too often.........

I shall telephone Hugo's Mummy to arrange a play date.


Anonymous said...

I remember those days with misty eyes.
we have the video of second born singing a solo in the school production of Bugsy Malone. Both my boys were choristers. First born loved it, the whole thing: pomp, ceremony, cassocks, surplices, smells and bells. Second born was once heard to complain - loudly - at the end of a VERY serious cermony - I hate this S**T place!!!! Oh my goodness. I blame the parents. this particular parent was to be found on her knees saying the obligatory 4 gajillion Hail Marys of behalf of her son for blasphemeing in the house of

dulwichmum said...

Dear Anonymous,

Please tell me, did your predictions for the future career paths of your little ones turn out as you anticipated?