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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mothering Sunday

You would think that this day - dedicated to and celebrating mothers would make me feel good. Instead, it is simply another opportunity for me to agonise over my shortcomings and inadequacies. No doubt, up and down the land mothers are celebrating their motherhood, gloating regarding the joys of parenthood and generally admiring their adoring offspring.

James spent most of last week telling me how today has been 'conjured up' by card manufacturers and florists, in a cynical attempt to improve flagging post Christmas sales figures.

This morning I was woken by my darling gentle Max in his Spiderman pyjamas, presenting me with a hand made card and a wilting daffodil. I must admit I shed an emotional tear - the first of many today. When Freya woke up she immediately caused mayhem as the shop bought card from James had already been written. She engaged in fisticuffs with Max as she been told she could write it - not he, and now she wanted to wear the badge that came with it too.

Freya won, she has been wearing the badge 'Number one Mum' all day, even before I received the card. My little girl can scream with the intensity of a pained whippet, the sash windows were shaking in their frames.

I sat at the breakfast table this morning, with my head in my hands - anticipating an entire episode of Trisha dedicated to my shortcomings. I love James with a great passion. He is the love of my life. On days like today I stay with him despite the children, certainly not because of them.

James presented me with a wonderful new Mulberry Emmy hand bag in that trendy lemon coloured Darwin leather this morning.

"Home spun cards are all very lovely and sentimental", I assured him during the week, "but where is a girl supposed to keep her purse and Blackberry?"

James appeared indifferent, worn down by my nagging as he handed it over. I shall never use that bag now.

God I'm superficial. I know he is disgusted with me too.


Scruffy Mummy said...

Did you see the article on the Boden guy who founded the company in the Sunday Observor Magazine? Thought of you and your well-turned out off spring - (the occasional case of having no-knickers excempted!)

Keef said...

For the record, Mother's day is the only one that the card companies didn't dream up. It started out as a family day, when years ago, household servants were given a day to go home to their families. This evolved in to Mother's Day.

However, if James feels strongly about the card company thing, I suggest that the children don't give him anything on a certain day in June, it would only upset him ;o)

Foxy Minx said...

Mothering Sunday with me being the mother was all very well. Very well - in fact. Quality home made card and bunches of lovely flowers It really pays to have older childern on occassions like this.
BUT Mothering Sunday with me as the daughter was quite another matter.
We drove for hours (actually second born drove while I nursed my too much champagne at the opera head cold in the back), presented gifts and flowers only to be met with 'where's your brother?' Grrr!
said brother did have the good grace to phone but having aound up my mother was then able to put down the phone leaving her to smile with her mouth. Teeth clenched. And snipe at me all afternoon.

Scruffy Mummy said...

Well done you for more media interest! I note you deleted her comment - probably for the best as someone posign as you could contact her directly instead! You're going to be the queen of the bloggers!